49ers Throwback Jerseys Montana, Rice S-4X 5X 6X XLT-5XLT Big & Tall

The San Francisco 49ers throwback jerseys have that vintage look that brings back the glory days of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Ronnie Lott, and many more all time greats.  Who could forget the Montana to Rice connection? Or the great John Taylor pulling down those clutch catches?  Tom Rathman over the middle, or Roger Craig pounding out those tough yards?  Gear up with a SF 49ers throwback jerseys and bring back those memories to life.  S-2X, big and tall 3X (3XL), 4X (4XL), 5X (5XL), 6X (6XL).  XLT (XT), 2XLT (2XT), 3XLT (3XT), 4XLT (4XT), and 5XLT (5XT).


San Francisco 49ers Throwback Jerseys – Joe Montana


49ers throwback jersey - joe montana
San Francisco 49ers Throwback Jersey – Joe Montana #16 by Mitchell & Ness


49ers, Joe Montana Throwback Jersey

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Joe Montana is without a doubt one of the best quarterbacks of all time..  He was the guy who you wanted on the field when the game was on the line.  A field general in the huddle who you just knew would lead the 49ers down the field for a critical score.  The Mitchell & Ness throwback Montana jersey shown above is from the 1990 season and vintage in every way..  Furthermore, it is also available in big and tall sizes!

  • Sizes available : S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, XLT, 2XLT, 3XLT, 4XLT, 5XLT.
  • Made by – Mitchell & Ness
  • Made of 100 percent polyester
  • Heat sealed stripes on sleeves
  • 49ers Throwback jersey from the 1990 NFL season
  • Machine wash, tumble dry low.
  • Officially licensed by the NFL.


49ers Throwback Jerry Rice Jersey


49ers Jerry Rice Throwback Jersey
San Francisco 49ers Jerry Rice Throwback Jersey – Made by Mitchell & Ness


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The 49ers Jerry Rice jersey shown above is made by Mitchell & Ness and is a design from 1990.  Jerry Rice owns nearly every significant receiving mark in NFL history.. Some of his most notable accomplishments include :

  • Receiving yards (22,895 yards)
  • Most 1,000 yard season (14)
  • Most touchdowns (208)
  • Most receptions (1,549)
  • Played in 8 Conference Championship games.
  • 3 Super rings.
  • Named All-Pro in 11 consecutive seasons.
  • 13 Pro Bowls

Additional 49er Throwback Jerseys include :

  • Joe Montana
  • Jerry Rice
  • Deion Sanders
  • Steve Young
  • Dwight Clark
  • Terrell Owens
  • Tom Rathman

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