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Gardner Minshew mania has taken the Jacksonville Jaguars fan base by storm.  After Nick Foles broke his clavicle to begin the season, this 6th round rookie has stepped in and really took advantage of his opportunity…  Are you a new fan?  If so, then a Gardner Minshew Jersey (by Pro Line) would be a perfect way to show off your fandom.. Pro Line Jerseys are available in S, M, L, XL, 2X (XXL), 3X (3XL), 4X (4XL), 5X (5XL), 6X (6XL).  Extended tall XLT (XT), 2XLT (2XT),3 XLT (3XT), 4XLT (4XT), and 5XLT (5XT).


Gardner Minshew Jersey


Gardner Minshew Jersey
Gardner Minshew II Jersey – Jacksonville Jaguars #15 by Pro Line


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Gardner Flint Minshew II, began his college career at East Carolina before transferring to Washington State, where he excelled… Not only was Minshew popular for his passing skills, he has a charisma that is contagious.  There are some people who were born leaders, and Gardner is one of those rare breeds.. He has proven to be a winner, and his extreme confidence is contagious with his peers.

Fans have already fallen in love with Minshew II.. His “mustache posse” is gaining steam, and he has become some sort of a cult hero that is based on more than just hype.  Gardner has the skills to back up the hype, and the excitement around the Jaguars team has been interesting to watch.

The Gardner Minshew Jersey shown above is made by Pro Line..  In addition to the black & teal jersey, you can also choose the white and green jersey as well.  Finally, there are also custom tee shirts, hoodies, and Nike jerseys that you can choose to add Minshew II name & number.

Official Jags apparel are available in S-3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, XLT, 2XLT, 3XLT, 4XLT, 5XLT.  Instead of searching through apparel that isn’t available in your size, simply jump to the size your interested and see what’s available!

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Women’s Gardner Minshew Jersey


womens gardner minshew jersey
Women’s Gardner Minshew Jersey – Jacksonville Jaguars #15 by Pro Line


Ladies, here is the Gardner Minshew Jersey that is designed just for women..  Be a super fan, and dress in style in a uniform that is designed to fit a women’s figure.  Ladies Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys are available in S, M, L, XL, 2X (XXL), 3X (3XL), and 4X (4XL).


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Did you know that Gardner Minshew Turned Down Alabama?

You know that “Minshew-Mania” has really start to take off when you begin trending in twitter and your getting offers from the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Gardner Minshew sports a mustache that would have made Burt Reynolds proud… It’s almost as if Minshew walked through a time portal from 1977, and how refreshing the throwback look is.

After Alabama won a National Championship in January of 2018, Nick Saban knew that he was going to need a backup quarterback.  However, Jalen Hurts didn’t transfer as originally thought, which would have buried Minshew on the depth chart.. However, the publicity that Minshew received brought in more offers.  Mike Leach, from Washington State looked into this young QB and loved what he saw.  Leach said, “Gardner, how would you like to come out to Washington State and lead the nation in passing?”

When Minshew arrived at Washington State, he faced a very difficult situation. He had to replace Hilinski, but was quickly welcomed by their alumni and fans.   With Minshew as QB, Washington St. racked up 11 wins, and he did indeed lead the nation of all FBS school by passing for 367 yards per game.. In fact, he broke Jared Gofff’s single season passing record.  Finally, he finished fifth in the Heisman balloting!

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