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It’s not often that you have a rocket scientist as the quarterback of your football team. Yes, you read that correctly. Dobbs didn’t just excel in football and engineering; he reached for the stars. During his time at Tennessee, he interned at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, working on various aerospace projects. His dual prowess as a rocket scientist and quarterback was nothing short of extraordinary.  Show your support his work ethic on and off the field with a Minnesota Vikings Joshua Dobbs jersey.

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Men’s Joshua Dobbs Jersey – Minnesota Vikings

(Made by Nike)

Imagine wearing the jersey of a man who didn’t just conquer football fields but also soared through the skies as a rocket scientist. Dobbs’ jersey isn’t just a number and a name; it’s a symbol of ambition, intellect, and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

Joshua Dobbs Jersey - Minnesota Vikings by Nike
Joshua Dobbs Jersey – Minnesota Vikings by Nike.


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Women’s Joshua Dobbs Jersey


Women's Minnesota Vikings Joshua Dobbs Jersey by Nike
Women’s Joshua Dobbs Jersey by Nike.


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