Jeff McNeil Jersey & Tee S-3X 4X 5X 6X XLT 2XLT 3XLT 4XLT 5XLT

Jeff McNeil is one of those gritty throwback type of players that coaches, teammates and their fans absolutely love.  By the end of the game, McNeil is usually the guy with the dirtiest jersey.  Nicknamed “Squirrel”, fans love the way that he puts it all on the line every day.  Gear up and show your fan appreciation and team support with a Jeff McNeil Jersey that is made for men and women.  In addition to Jeff McNeil Jerseys, tee shirts and hoodies are also available with his name and number.  Sizes S-2X, big & tall 3X (3XL), 4X (4XL), 5X (5XL), 6X (6XL).  XLT (XT), 2XLT (2XT), 3XLT (3XT), 4XLT (4XT), and 5XLT (5XT).  Women’s NY Mets apparel is available in Small – Plus 4XL.


Jeff McNeil Jersey


Jeff McNeil Jersey
Jeff McNeil Jersey – NY Mets White Pinstripe


Jeff McNeil was a 12th round draft pic, who is now a rising star in Major League Baseball.. McNeil appears to be poised to challenge for a batting title with a career batting average near .320.  In fact, McNeil is the fastest NY Mets player ever to record 200 hits, doing so in just 599 at bats.  Furthermore, McNeil is one of those rare throwback players who rarely strikes out.  He has already led MLB in swinging at the highest percentage of pitches inside the strike zone.

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