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Ok, so you have searched for throwback jerseys but can only find sizes up to XXL (2X).  Sound familiar?  When you look for your favorite vintage throwback there is nothing available for 3XL, 4XL, or 5XL.  This is a common problem when people search for Mitchell & Ness gear.  Fortunately, there is an answer.  Most people search for sizes 3X (3XL), 4X (4XL), or 5X (5XL).  Mitchell and Ness jerseys are listed differently.  Their big and tall sizes are 56, 60, and 64.  Most online retailers don’t list this size option so they are hard to find on their websites.  This is why we have deep linked to each of the throwback jerseys for the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL in these sizes for you.

Small-XXL, Big and Tall 3XL, 4XL, 5XL Throwback Jerseys

(Walter Payton and Dozen’s of NFL Legends. View Them All)

throwback jerseys of walter payton by mitchell and ness in S-2X 3XL 4XL 5XL

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Who could forget Walter Payton and the way that he ran the football for the Chicago Bears.  While, they may have called him “Sweetness”, he wasn’t afraid to lay down a hit on an opposing defender and never went out of bounds on his own free will.  His “throwback” style of play is still appreciated today by all of his fans!  Shown above is one of the 1985 Mitchell and Ness throwback jerseys of the Chicago Bears.  There are many different Mitchell and Ness throwbacks available in regular Small-2X, and big and tall 3X (3XL, Size 56), 4X (4XL, or Size 60), and 5X (5XL, or Size 64).

NFL Throwbacks

Small – 2X

3X (3XL) (Size 56)

4X (4XL) (Size 60)

5X (5XL) (Size 64)







MLB Throwbacks

Small – 2X

3X (3XL) (Size 56)

4X (4XL) (Size 60)

5X (5XL) (Size 64)

NBA Throwbacks

Small – 2X

3X, 4X, and 5X

NFL Throwback Jerseys Available for :

  • Bo Jackson – Oakland Raiders.  What would have been Bo Jackson’s career stats if it wasn’t for a serious leg injury that shortened his career?  Bo Jackson are available in white, black, or silver (in regular, big and tall sizes).
  • Brian Dawkins – Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Bruce Smith – Buffalo Bills
  • Joe Montana – San Francisco 49ers
  • Deion Sanders – San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons
  • Dan Marino – Miami Dolphins
  • Jerry Rice – SF 49ers
  • Barry Sanders – Detroit Lions
  • Lawrence Taylor – NY Giants
  • Walter Payton – Chicago Bears
  • Randall Cunningham – Philadelphia Eagles
  • Joe Namath – New York Jets
  • John Elway – Denver Broncos
  • Terry Bradshaw – Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Mike Ditka – Chicago Bears
  • Reggie White – Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Junior Seau – San Diego Chargers
  • Terrell Owens – San Francisco 49ers
  • Jim Brown – Cleveland Browns
  • Steve Largent – Seattle Seahawks
  • Tom Rathman – San Francisco 49ers
  • Phil Simms – New York Giants
  • Michael Strahan – NY Giants
  • Thurman Thomas – Buffalo Bills
  • Jim Kelly – Buffalo Bills
  • Bart Long – Green Bay Packers
  • Brett Favre – Green Bay Packers
  • Steve Young – San Francisco 49ers
  • Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers
  • Ray Lewis – Baltimore Ravens
  • Pat Tillman – Arizona Cardinals
  • Jerome Brown – Philadelphia Eagles
  • Sean Taylor Washington Redskins
  • Randy Moss – Philadelphia Eagles
  • Jerome Bettis – Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Troy Aikman – Dallas Cowboys
  • LaDainian Tomlinson – San Diego Chargers
  • Terrell Davis – Denver Broncos

In addition to NFL Mitchell and Ness uniforms, MLB, NHL, and NBA Throwback jerseys are available as well.

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Men’s sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL (2X), Big and tall 3XL (3X, Size 56), 4XL (4X, Size 60), and 5XL (5X, Size 64).

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